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Inside the Royal Courts of Justices

Proof that there is no liability orders from any council in the land

Shout out to Simon - who was there - he took the pics - Thanks to Ian, Tom, Alfie and Steve -expertinalllegalmatters

Proof that an order was issued - but as we can clearly show above - there is no proof of claim and no record. Explain that? Time to counter-sue

First Council Victory - Many more to come! Crack on, crack on!

Ian And Thorniley - No liability order

Fraudulent Police officer and Bailiff from Dorset Magistrates Court
Fake warrant of a fake liability order, N244 Form habeas corpus has been filled at the Dorset magistrates court, the JCIO, Attorney generals office and we are off to the royal court of justice for criminal charge to be brought against all men and women that aid and abet this

Gary And Stafford