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Paul Michaels' Case File

  This page will showcase and show a time line of all documents and evidence that we have, up to the present date that have been laid out by Paul and his wife Charlotte. It will highlight their on going effort in obtaining remedy from various different courts, organisations, banks and regulators regarding their estate and the wrongs done to them.
Paul and Charlotte on their Honeymoon

Documents, Evidence and Case Files - up to present day

001. BOS v Michaels Court response 250917
002. BoS v Michaels Minute of Order 100317
003. County Court - 31st March 2017
004. Bank of Scotland Plc v Michaels (9.3.17)
005. BoS v Michaels Letter to J Final 070717
006. Eversheds Sutherland - 16th March 2017
007. County Court 31st March 2017
008. Lloyds Banking Group - 16th May 2017
009. County Court - 13th July 2017
010. HMCTS - 13th March 2017
011. BOS v Michaels Court response Pack 260917 Pages 1-29
013. Court response 260917
014. LDS_002-#5854755-v1-Letter_to_Mr_Michaels_-_28_September_2017
015. Bank of Scotland Plc v Michaels (9.3.17) (Jud)28.07.17 copy
016. Summary of Michaels written submissens to handing down of judgement.
017. Eversheds Sutherland - 28th September 2017
018. Lloyds Subject Access Request 51017
019. 344722-Register View - html - Land Registry
020. 359808-Land registry - Bohunt Manor barn
021. BOS vs Paul Michaels
022. HBOS Banner
023. Would You Like To Live Here
024. Lloyds Banking group Banner
025. LBG Banner
028. Affidavit application for a stay 191017
029. Affidavit application for a stay 191017
030. BoS v Michaels Handdown Skel Final 290917
031. Appeal Court Ref A320172879 PTA Annexures 26-32
032. MOJ DSAR accompanying letter copy
033. MOJ subject-access-request-form
034. MOJ subject-access-request-form Page 2 of 2
035. MOJ DSAR accompanying letter
036. img-171114095047-0001
038. LNB Brochure May 2014 copy 3
039. Michaels Criminal Charges Agaisnt Lloyds Bank of Scotland - CRN 12170203409
040. OBJECTION NOTICE and request for permission for leave to appeal BOS v Michaels 4PA41550
041. Affidavit of Paul Michaels
042. Bills of Exchange Act 1882
043. BOS Denial of Promissory Note
044. Promissory Notes -Bills of exchange, delivered for BOS & TMB Mortgages
045. A3-2017-2879 CoA Order [27-10-17]
046. HHJ Raeside Order 4 Oct 2017 BOS v Michaels
047. Title Number NYK256562-169922359-TitleRegister-rLBo6GqB6XhAcNv
048. Letter to Lord Justice Newey Response to refusal to Appeal 301017
049. Canadian Federal Gov Loan Guarantee
050. Premature sale of BSCL assets on 17th July 2013 and notice_
051. RBC Loan 1
052. RBC Loan 1 docs
053. RBC Loan 2
054. RBC Visa Agreement
055. LR - CRN 12170203409
056. LR Alison Franklin repsonse - NYK256562
058. LR OBJECTION NOTICE BOS v Michaels 4PA41550
059. LR Recall CONFIDENTIAL Low Newbiggin South Registered under title number NYK256562
060. MoJ put on notice by information commissioner News Law Society Gazette
061. BoS v Michaels Minute of Order amfinal 041017
062. House of Commons - Treasury - Written Evidence
063. Lloyds Subject Access Request BOS 51017
064. Lloyds Subject Access Request TMB 51017
065. Summary of Michaels written submissens to handing down of judgement_
066. UK Parliamentary report on HBOS an accident waiting to happen

Full Canadian Case File


Email chains and Correspondence

001. UREGENT MATTER Bos v Michaels 4PA41550 - From Paul to scott macpherson
003. DSAR to Richard Goddard from Paul
007. Request for HHJ Raeside's Sworn Office Of Oath - From Paul to Richard Marsland + Bobby brown
008. skeleton arguments re claimants submission re order - From Paul to Steve
010. CoA Order - From Paul to Civil Appeals - Associates
011. Oath Of Office & SAR to moJ regarding Judges Handwritten Notes - From Steve to Paul
012. BOS v Michaels 4PA41550 & A3-2017-2879 CoA - From Rahman, Oilur to Paul - Masters Decision
013. BOS V Michaels 4Pa41550 & As-2017-2879 CoA - From Paul to the Supreme Court
002. BOS V Michaels 4Pa41550 - Transfer To Chancery Division And Chancery
014. URGENT NFRC170902001711 - From Paul To Action Fraud and North Yorkshire Police
015. Postal Address For The Holy See - From paul to Steve
016. Letter from the Registrar - From Paul to Ms Chandler
017. Proceedings against LBS now handed to the WC and the Vatican - From Paul to Lloyds CC Vatican
018. The Hague - From Paul to steve
019. For the Attention of Charlie in Control Room Ref; 12170203409 - From Paul to AFteam - Charlie
020. Denial. CORRECTION - From paul to Steve - Correction of Mistake of name - Lousie
021. CRN 12170203409 - From Paul to North Yorkshire Police - Officer Charlie badge no 4756
022. Denial. From Paul to Louise Patterson
023. Story for russian press - From Paul to
024. BOS v 4PA41550 from Paul to Richard Marsland6
025. Banks and 'Bail in' Policy - From Paul to Steve
026 Fraud Crime Ref NFRC170902001711 - From Paul to Lee Brett at Financial Ombudsman
027. OBJECTION NOTICE - From Paul to Rahman, Oilur Re. Masters name for SAR
028. FAO Paul 2017196 Fwd CRN 12170203409 - From Paul to NCA
029. Merry Christmas - From Paul To Louise Patterson - Lloyds Banking Group
031. NFRC170902001711 (NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED) - From Paul to Brian Anderson at RBC
032. U4172217FA - From NFIB to Paul
033. BOS v Michaels 4PA41550 & A3-2017-2879 CoA - From Paul to Various Departments
034. Foreclosure of our properties, business in Canada by RBC - From Paul to Steve
035. A Stich in Time.... - From Paul to Louise Patterson CC all parties involved
036. A Bank can not sell your mortgage to someone else. - From Paul to Steve
037. Lloyds BOS v Michaels & Crown given title Number NYK256562 - From Paul to Alison Franklin LR
038. A stitch in time.... - From Paul to Steve - To advise on new recipients - Canada
039. A stitch in time - From Paul to Louise Paterson - Advising ICO's decision to put MoJ Notice

 Paul's Affidavit of Truth in Court 


 Court Rulings of All Evidence