MOJ/ICO SAR responses

  On this page, we will publish the responses the MoJ and ICO have sent to our clients who sent in SAR requests. We will update as and when we receive them. This will show a true account of responses, and you will be able to piece together a story, and more importantly, see if their answers change.


MOJ latest Response to Ian Thorniley's SAR - Sent on 08/12/2017
MOJ response dated the 28/02/2018

Ian sent his original SAR to the MOJ back in December 2017. They have sent dribs and drabs of the data that Ian requested, over the course of the past few months. Ian has worded his questions extremely cleverly and in good stead. He has been flawless with his wording and this latest letter from the MOJ reveals some very interesting information, check out the Hand Written Notes paragraph, The Respective Court Bonds and the Indemnity Bonds paragraph.