Possession Order at the County Court

Now that Helen has all of the evidence needed to prove the fraud in her Mortgage, and has received the deed that shows she actually owns not only 17a, but 17 Pentewan Road, we have now applied to the County Court in Bodmin, Cornwall, for an interim possession order to evict the illegal squatters residing in No. 17 and to show the blatant fraud going on in the system.

Yesterday, 26th of June 2017, we filled in the N130 - Interim Possession Order and an N5 - Claim for possession of property forms and took them into the County Court offices at Bodmin, to be sealed and authorised by a Judge. 

The Judge approved the case and gave us a court date for the 4th of July and we received all of the paperwork first class delivery today, 27th of June 2017. In the pack, included the notices and court papers we have to serve to the defendants within 24 hours. This was done today, we served them via affixing to the main door of the property and also handed them one directly.

New court date for the 7th July

Below is all the court papers and evidence